About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to support women and families going through the transitions of divorce and widowhood, by providing educational, legal, and financial advocacy, with a strong community network.

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Our History

Wildflower Women’s Organization emerged in 2010 to focus on the needs of a forgotten demographic: women in the transitions of divorce and widowhood. Every day in Colorado, 56 marriages will end in divorce, and ultimately, three out of four women will become widowed. Despite the growing number of families who are directly affected by these life altering events, there has been no specific assistance available. Wildflower Women’s Organization now exists to fill that gap.

At Wildflower Women’s Organization, we know that divorce and widowhood are some of the most traumatic experiences a woman may face in her lifetime – it was that realization that led to the creation of the Organization. But instead of dwelling on the negative, we are committed to staying positive! When we band together, our radiant energy will spread like wildflowers.