About Us


“Wildflower Women’s Organization has encouraged me and strengthened me through the help of a wonderful mentor, outstanding emotional support and sound financial education.  It helped me transition from a life that was filled with fear and uncertainty to one of confidence and self-respect.”

- A Wildflower

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women and families experiencing the transitions of divorce and widowhood to move forward by providing a strong community of educational, financial, legal and mentoring resources.

Our Values

• Advocacy

• Compassion

• Integrity

• Inclusiveness

• Respect

Our Story

Wildflower Women’s Organization emerged in 2010 to focus on the needs of a forgotten demographic: women in the transitions of divorce and widowhood.  Every day in Colorado, 56 marriages will end in divorce, and ultimately, three out of four women will become widowed.  Despite the growing number of families who are directly affected by these life-altering events, there has been no specific assistance available.  Wildflower Women’s Organization exists to fill that gap.


WWO Member Definitions

Buds- A woman in the process of divorce or widowhood who Contacts WWO for support, information, resources, community.

Blossom-A woman who is navigating her experience of divorce or widowhood, is moving forward toward new goals and is ready to share her experience of strength and hope.

Cultivators- Women and men who give their time, talent and treasure to cultivate, nurture and sustain the buds and blossoms of the WWO.

Wildflower Women’s Organization is grounded in two core philosophies:

  • Losing a partner, whether it is through divorce or widowhood, is not only emotionally devastating; it can also be confusing, exhausting and financially debilitating. WWO addresses loss and transition as a complete process, helping Wildflowers (women seeking support from WWO) and families navigate through the stages of grief and growth through ongoing support, with the goal of reaching self-sufficiency and financial health. 
  • Women in the midst of this transition share similar needs; however, no two stories or cases are the same. WWO values the individuality of a Wildflower’s story and works with women on a case-by-case basis. WWO evaluates Wildflowers’ specific challenges and needs to offer appropriate resources and assistance.

These core philosophies are the foundation of WWO’s three ongoing programs: a mentorship program, workshops and scholarships.  Visit Programs for more info.